Our Physicians

Our walk-in clinics are operated by over 100 local Family Physicians with 90 operating family practices in our community as a part of the Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics. We work together to give you and your family better access to quality primary health care services.

If your Family Physician is listed here your doctor’s office will receive all notes and test results after your clinic visit. To support continuity in your health care, your family physician prefers that you visit one of our four Barrie & Community Family Medicine Clinics – Walk-in Clinics should you require medical care outside of your physician’s office.

Please attempt to contact your family physician’s office first as many will keep same day appointments available.

If you are a Physician looking to join our team (Barrie FHO)

please click here for more information.

Full Time Family Physicians

Ahmed, Shehla
Atapattu, Yasanthie
Atapattu, Vidura
Bailey, Joseph
Bedard, Andre
Belau, Marianne
Beshay, Marina
Bickle, Robert
Burt, Ben
Chan, Laura
Clark, Carl
Collins, Douglas
Cooney, Paul
Crampton, Susan
D’Souza, Merlyn
Da Silva, Anna
Deboer-Fennell, Heidi
Dickson, Andrew
Doorly, Patrick
Elsey, Brent
Evans, David
Evans, Melissa
Fakour, Flor

Fejes, Piri
Felipe Ramirez, Tatiana
Friesen, Nelson
Fulton, Tanya
Gabor, Robert
Haig, Cynthia
Haines, Alexander
Hankey, Arthur
Harman, Kevin
Howard, Paul
Iraji, Mandana
Khatami, Kian
Kiss, Erzsebet
Kolesky, Hendrey
Korkola, Darrell
Kozanczyn, Christa
Lalik, Christopher
Li, Qing-Lu
Lindsay, Ian
Lopez-Alonso, Jose
MacDonald, Ashley
Makkar, Sumit
Manolakos, Lauren
McConvey, Mike

McKee, John
McNaughton, Jennifer
Mills, Thomas
Morin, Brent
Morris, Brian
Moss, Katie
Murdoch, Stuart
Muscat, Anne
Ogunsina, Sola
Orava, Matthew
Ozimok, Daniel
Parbtani, Anwar
Poirier, Steven
Poole, Trevor
Poonja, Zahir
Rapson, Valerie
Sandhu, Roop
Scheeres, Jan
Sharma, Niti
Shourideh-Ziabari, Amir
Singh, Varsha

Smith, Susan
Sowden, Kelly
Springle, Stephen
Stanford, Timothy
Steciuk, Paige
Steffens, Greg
Stewart, Christine
Strangway, James
Szelag, Marek
Tanton, Robert
Tessaro, Tracey
Trimble, Nancy
Tung-Barnett, Sabrina
Turner, Devon
Tyler, James
Van Zyl, Leendert
Vanderwater, Charles
Weaver, Jessie
Whyne, Garrett
Witty, Melissa
Wozniak, Andrew
Wright, Kelley
Zamanian, Saman

Contract Family Physicians

Advent, David
Beecroft, John
Bond, Geoffrey
Collins, Margaret
Cutbush, Wesley
Dhindsa, Guarav
Duvall, Anne
Gall, Chris

Khodaei, Minoo
Kizoff, Peter
Laakso, Heather
Laakso, Laurel
Lai, Jacky
Levine, Gerald
Lewis-Watts, Robert
Luchkiw, Crystal
MacDonald, Lorraine
MacLean, Tanya

Nguyen, Quynh
Pabani, Wahid
Pollock, David
Sebastian, Renee
Shaver, James
Shaver, Laurie
Stanford, Elizabeth

Thompson, Carly
van Walraven, Michelle
Vuong, Sebastian
Weber, Stacie