Dear Patients,

We have been forced to close our regular walk in clinics for two reasons.

Firstly, we have limited operating resources. These resources have been diverted to create and staff the COVID 19 Assessment Center, which opened shortly after our regular clinics closed. Our community currently has a greater need for this type of clinic.

Secondly, we do not normally stock the sort of personal protective equipment that is required to manage cases of COVID 19. Furthermore, we have had difficulty acquiring this equipment.

We are now in the process of re-opening our regular clinics. However, to ensure that we minimize the risk to other patients attending the clinic as well as the staff, we have had to completely reorganize the delivery of our services. We will be providing care with the initial physician assessment being telephone-based with any in-person visits provided on an appointment basis in compliance with social distancing recommendations. Please refer to our website for updates and how to access our clinics when they are reopened.

We will continue to provide in-person services to patients who require it. Upon reopening, all respiratory patients will be diverted to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Dr. John McKee, Chair, Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics
Dr. Chris Lalik, Medical Director, Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics