Who We Are



The Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics are more than just a health care organization, we are part of your Health Circle.

We are your locally integrated family physicians and specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists and health technicians.  We are your neighbours, friends, sons and daughters caring for the health of our community together. With us you will come full circle as we help you to navigate the health care system and build our healthy community.

Through the use of one common Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system we provide a fully integrated health circle linking all of our family physicians, walk-in clinics and allied health professionals into a securely stored and fully accessible health record. Any generated addition to your health record within our Health Circle will be visible to your family physician.

Our Health Circle partners are partners in YOUR health care community.

We are part of your connected Health Circle.

Our Health Circle Partners

The Health Circle logo symbolizes unity.  Unity in striving for excellence in delivering health services to patients navigating the health care system in our community.

Like a trademark of quality, the Health Circle logo is presented to health service partners of the Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics and the Barrie and Community Family Health Team.

 We wear it proudly showing Barrie patients our commitment to quality health care.