Frequently Asked Questions

Clinic Policies
Patient Code of Conduct
Our clinic’s aim to provide excellent and efficient walk-in clinic care.  Our physicians are family physicians from the community. Our expectation is that our patients will behave appropriately when requesting our services.

Rude, loud, or disrespectful behaviour, directed at other patients, staff, or physicians, is NOT acceptable.  Clinic staff and physicians have the right to refuse treatment to patients behaving inappropriately.  Our staff have been instructed to notify the police if deemed necessary to protect themselves and other patients. 

We hope and expect that an attitude of mutual respect and politeness will be found in the clinic.  If you would like to submit an incident report to clinic Management please send it in writing to  Thank you.

Why does my family Physician want me to use your walk-in clinics? Aren't all walk-in clinics the same?
No, not all walk-in clinics are the same.  Only the four locations listed on this website are operated by the Barrie & Community Family Medicine Clinics which is comprised of local family physicians with a vested interest in our community.   Our walk-in clinics are not-for- profit and we are proud to be in our 30th year caring for our community!

Walk-in clinic locations that are not listed on this site aren’t affiliated with our organization.  This means they don’t have a shared Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) with your Barrie & Community family physician.   Without a shared EMR system your physician will not receive the health record for your visit, fragmenting your continuity of care.  If you require non-urgent health care services outside of your family physician office, your Barrie family physician prefers that you visit one of our walk-in clinic locations to ensure you remain in their circle of care.

What if I dont have a valid health card?
If feasible, your best option is to renew or replace your lost or stolen health card.  To renew your health card you will need to visit a ServiceOntario centre.  You can book an appointment ahead of time at some ServiceOntario centres.  For more information please visit the Service Ontario website or contact them Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Toll-fee (Canada): 1-866-532-3161 or TTY Toll-free (Canada): 1-800-387-5559.

If you cannot provide us with a valid health card you will still be able to see the physician, however, cash payment for the visit will be required.  You must provide us with a valid health card within 15 business days from the date of your visit in order to be eligible for a refund.  Refunds will be given only for amounts covered and paid by OHIP.  Please be aware that the minimum charge for a visit without a valid health card is $70 and it can take up to 60 days to process the refund payment once we receive the valid health card number.   

Why do wait times vary?

Check out the home page for up to date wait-times for each of our locations! 

Wait times will vary based on patient volume, complexity of patient issues, number of physicians working, and a variety of other factors. It is never our intention to close our doors before it is absolutely necessary and our receptionists do their best to predict wait times with the information available to them.  To assist our receptionists please ensure that you disclose all of the reasons for your visit and inform the receptionist if you have to leave the queue.  It is our policy that all patients wishing to register, including children, must be present in the clinic at the time of registration.

Please understand that unexpected and emergent situations can arise beyond our control which affect our estimated wait times.  We ask for your patience as we deal with these situations.  We will give you the same care and careful consideration as soon as possible.

Why are doors closed before the posted time?

Before heading to the clinic check out the home page to see which locations are still taking patients and how long the wait times are!

Our clinics are available to care for patients until the posted time.  To maintain our hours of operation, on high volume days we will register the approximate number of patients the physicians on site will be able to see by the posted closing time.  The number of patients that can be seen is dependant on the complexity of patient issues, the number of physicians working and many other factors.  We encourage patients to arrive as early as possible to avoid missing registration. We appreciate your understanding.


Do I have to be a patient of one of your physicians to use your walk-in clinics?
No.  The Barrie & Community Family Medicine Clinics opened their doors in 1987 to the public.  We welcome all patients to our clinics, whether you have a Barrie Family Physician, an out of town physician or currently are without a physician.
Is ONLINE REGISTRATION available at Barrie & Community Family Medicine Clinics?
Online Registration is not currently available at any of our locations.  We have been advised by CPSO (The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) that charging patients for online appointments could be viewed as a barrier to access health care and contrary to regulations.
What is a Family Health Organization (FHO)?
Our Barrie Family Health Organization (FHO) physicians are represented under the “Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics (BCFMC)” branding.  We are a group of family physicians who are working together to give you and your family better access to quality primary services.  Our physicians are committed to providing extended hours of service and our physicians meet this commitment through the operation of the Barrie & Community Family Medicine Clinics – Walk-in Clinics.  We also support Contract Physicians who are providing care to our community in a variety of capacities including Family Physician Locums and Walk-in Clinic care.

Patients enrolled with our physicians’ family practices also have access to allied health professionals through our Barrie & Community Family Health Team. Please visit for a list of programs available to our patients.

Our partnership with the Barrie Family Health Team enabled us to build Canada’s largest integrated network on one electronic medical record system. Our EMR is operational in all of our walk-in clinics enabling a circle of care for our 140,000 patients that is second to none and the envy of communities across the country.



What is a Family Health Team (FHT)?
Family Health Teams are health care organizations that include a team of family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, and other professionals who work together to provide health care for their community. Family Health Teams provide more services and a wide range of health options.

The Barrie & Community Family Medicine Clinics are partnered with the Barrie & Community Family Health Team.  For more information on programs please visit the Barrie & Community Family Health Team website at
What are your Privacy Policies?

Privacy Statement

Our Commitment to your Privacy
The Barrie and Community Family Health Team (BCFHT) recognizes the importance of treating our patients with respect and upholding their privacy while they receive care from us. The BCFHT is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our patients’ personal health information as it is the law and our commitment to you and your family.

Collecting Your Personal Health Information
When you receive care from a BCFHT physician or clinic, we collect personal and health information about you directly from yourself or from someone with the legal authority to represent you. The information that we collect may include your name, date or birth, address, health history and current conditions, and records of your visit and the care that you received. We will only collect the amount of information that is required to provide you the care that you need.  While registering to see a physician there are several options for you to discreetly communicate your personal and health information to the receptionist; 1) provide your health card, drivers license or other identification showing your DOB, full name and address, 2) request a piece of paper to write down your personal information or reason for visit, 3) use your mobile device to type your personal information and reason for visit, 4) communicate in a discreet voice and ensure other patients are giving you appropriate space and privacy.  Take care to be aware of your surroundings when communicating private and confidential information.

How we protect your privacy
The BCFHT works very hard to ensure that it is meeting its commitments under law to uphold the confidentiality of its patients and maintaining the privacy of the health information that it collects. The BCFHT’s Privacy Office also works with the office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, as well as other healthcare organizations, to continuously improve its privacy.

Some of the ways that the BCFHT works towards improving and upholding your privacy are through:
• Continuous educating and training staff and clinicians on privacy;
• Recording and limiting access to personal information;
• Monitoring and managing our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; and
• Maintaining a state-of-the-art electronic security environment.

Use of Health Information
In order to provide health services to you, plan your care and continue to improve the care that we provide, the BCFHT needs to collect, use and disclose personal health information about you. In providing care to you, improving the care we provide and meeting our obligations under the law, we use your information to:
• Care for you and improve your health;
• Plan, implement and improve our programs and services;
• Conduct risk management activates;
• Improve the quality of the care that you receive;
• Conduct clinical research, in accordance with established ethics and privacy guidelines;
• Bill and receive payment for the care we provide (i.e. OHIP and WSIB);
• Comply with legal and regulatory requirements; and
• Contribute to health system planning.

BCFHT’s Privacy Office
BCFHT’s Privacy Office is committed to protecting your personal health information in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).  The BCFHT is committed to holding itself to the highest standards of privacy information practices within its field and is focused on continual improvement.

Please feel free to contact the BCFHT Privacy Office with any requests, concern’s or questions that you may have.

Phone: 705-721-0370 x 2135

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the BCFHT collect your personal health information?
The BCFHT collects your personal health information primarily to ensure that we are providing the best care we can for you and your family. We collect only the information that is relevant to providing care for you and your family and uses this information to help diagnosis, refer and develop care plans to help you.

Who does the BCFHT share your personal information with?
The BCFHT and its member physicians are required to disclose patient information to the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and any organization authorized by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. The BCFHT is also required to share information with the WSIB as is required by law.

With any organization that the BCFHT shares personal health information with, appropriate safe guards are used on the sharing and use of this information in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

As a member of the BCFHT, to provide the best care possible, the BCFHT will share specific health information between your physician, any BCFHT clinics your access and any family medicine clinics your access. Only the information that is required to provide you care is accessed by BCFTH physicians or health practitioners and only those individuals who need to know this information in order to perform their duties or functions will access this information.

Does the BCFHT ever sell patient information?
The BCFHT does not sell patient information.

Will the BCFHT disclose your information to an outside company or employer?
The BCFHT requires your consent or a court order to disclose your personal health information to any person or organization that is not involved in patient care.

Can you obtain a copy of your personal health information?
You have the right to access and receive a copy of your personal health information from any organization that provides health care, with limited exceptions. Exceptions are made in the releasing of your personal health information if this information would place yourself or a third party at risk.

In requesting your personal health information, please understand that some personal health records can be quite large and may take some time to compile and copy. There may also be some administrative fees associated with your request, depending on the size of the records being requested. In order to request your personal health information, please contact the BCFHT Privacy Office.

Can you correct the personal health information that the BCFHT has?
You have the right to request corrections to your personal health information if you believe that you personal health information is inaccurate or incorrect. Before requesting any corrections, it is recommended that you talk to your physician or clinician about the proposed changes prior to making the request. In order to request your personal health information, please contact the BCFHT Privacy Office.

How do you contact BCFHT regarding your privacy rights?
If you have questions, concerns or complaints relating to privacy or would like more information about our privacy practices, please contact the BCFHT’s Privacy Office by phone at 705-795-0370 x2135 or by email at .

Who else can I contact if I have privacy concerns?
You also have the right to raise any privacy related concerns to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. The Office of Information Privacy Commissioner can be reached by phone at 1-800-387-0073 , by email at or by visit their website at